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Would-Be Thief Tried to Rob Young Dolph, Caught the Universal Fade for His Actions

Don’t think just cause these young rappers don’t spit that extra hardcore sh*t that rappers are known for that they don’t get down on these streets.

A would be robber found that out the hard way this past New Year’s Eve when he tried to relieve Young Dolph of some of his heavy jewelry at a club in Miami Beach’s club Camera caught he moment that the struggle thief was handed a universal beatdown at the hands of the Memphis Ten-A-Key rapper’s crew while Ella Mai’s “Trip” blurted out of the club’s speakers. Not exactly a beatdown type of song but we guess it does have the kind of range to become one.

Either way, the offender caught all kinds of hands and feet for what seemed to be a few minutes before club security stepped in to save whatever he had left of his hide and pride. Ella Mai meanwhile continued to be the bomb. Imagine how much worse that beatdown would’ve been had M.O.P. been bumping in the club?


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