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Report- NBA news: LeBron James sent Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant warning, Davis to Lakers update |

Report- NBA news: LeBron James sent Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant warning, Davis to Lakers update | Other | SportSportActDecember 15, 2018 5:06 am📷

LeBron James sent Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant warning

LeBron James has been warned about the possibility of Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant teaming up at the Los Angeles Clippers instead of the Lakers by Stephen A. Smith.

“In LeBron James, who by the way is my league MVP right now, if you look at LeBron James and how he plays the game of basketball, he’s basically a point guard,” Smith said on Twitter.

“He’s your point forward. He runs the team, he calls the plays, he picks up mismatches and he does all those different things.

“There is no doubting the greatness of LeBron James but listen to what KD said.

“Talking about Kawhi wanting the ball in his hands, wanting to be in the post, wanting to live in the post when he chooses to and when he wants to; wanting to be able to have the power to do that himself as opposed to standing around and being a spectator to LeBron James, leaving all the decision-making to LeBron.

“That may not be the situation that Kawhi wants to be in. If he were to join KD, particularly with the LA Clippers, then Kawhi could do what he wants.

“He could play on the perimeter, that’s fine. He could play in the post, that’s fine because KD has the ability to adjust because he roams out on the perimeter.

“He’s a long-range sniper; he can sit out there and shoot 40 per cent from three-point range just like Kawhi has.

“He can score on the break; he can score in a myriad of ways and more importantly, because of his efficiency, he doesn’t hold the ball like LeBron.

“He either takes the shot, takes it to the hole or gives it up. That’s what he does so it ultimately gives other team-mates around him the room and the time to operate.

“I think both KD and LeBron are obviously great but in terms of styles… when you look at what KD brings to the table with Kawhi, as far as I’m concerned being about 14-15 per cent better from the free-throw line than LeBron, being a better a perimeter shooter and all-around shooter than LeBron.

“You couple that with Kawhi and how he plays, I don’t think there’s any question that Kawhi with KD is a better match.”

Anthony Davis to Lakers update

Anthony Davis could still end up being traded to the Lakers, even if they strike a deal for another All-Star this season, The Ringer’s Jonathan Tjarks says.

“[Bradley] Beal is the guy,” Tjarks said on The Ringer podcast. “If you traded for Beal then you could flip him for Davis next summer possibly.

“I think that would be the guy. You don’t give up [Brandon] Ingram for nothing.

“You get an All-Star like Beal, he’d be great in L.A.”

Trevor Ariza twist

The Lakers have been handed a boost in their hope of landing Trevor Ariza after his proposed move to the Washington Wizards sensationally broke down.

The deal was only on for roughly an hour on Friday night, as the Wizards prepared a multi-team deal to re-sign the forward.

The trade was initially proposed to see Kelly Oubre head to the Memphis Grizzlies, while Austin Rivers, MarShon Brooks and Wayne Selden move to the Suns, and the Wizards receive a 2020 second-round pick and a 2019 pick.

However, shortly after, news broke that a miscommunication had led to the Phoenix Suns believing they were getting Dillon Brooks, rather than MarShon.

It is reported by Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN that Phoenix and Memphis did not communicate directly on the deal, instead using Washington as a middle-man.

This led to the Grizzlies believing they were giving up MarShon Brooks, and the Suns thinking it was Dillon.

After this came to the attention of both clubs, the deal was officially killed off.


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