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Nicki Minaj hides her face after furious crowd chants 'Cardi B' following ANOTHER cancelled show

Nicki Minaj hides her face after furious crowd chants 'Cardi B' following ANOTHER cancelled show in Paris

March 11, 2019 4:07 pm

Nicki Minaj refused to show her face as she stepped out in Paris on Saturday just hours after cancelling her second concert on her European tour.

The rapper hid underneath a hoodie as she left her hotel with her new beau Kenneth 'Zoo' Petty.

Her French fans were left reeling after she pulled out of her performance at the 11th hour, citing 'technical issues'.

Some attendees who were turned away posted videos of disappointed fans throwing bottles at the stage and chanting 'Cardi B,' who has feuded on and off with the American Idol judge.


She later tried to placate her fans by posting a video to Instagram in the hours after her cancelled show to explain the decision.

The Anaconda rapper appeared relaxed as she puffed on a blunt during the apologetic clip.


The languorous clip opens with over ten seconds of the Super Bass rapper toking and blowing out thick clouds of smoke.

She was fully made up and and had her platinum blonde hair crimped and done up in braids.

On Twitter, the Queens-bred talent reiterated her desire not to have to cancel any tour dates.

She said: 'You guys, it's not in my best interest not to perform and lose money and aggravate my fans.

'I love performing for my fans. I'm more excited than you are before the show.'

Nicki painted a picture of venues that were never suitable for her demanding live show. (She had cancelled a concert in Slovakia three weeks ago.)


'These two cities that had technical issues were cities that I'd never been to before, and we tried to add them, but they just didn't have the power in the building to facilitate my show. And they didn't tell us that until three hours before the show, as opposed to once we did sound check, and they said it was fine.'

'But anyway, every artist — every artist — has technical difficulties and have to cancel shows. I want to tell you guys that I love you dearly and I really hope to make it up very soon,' she concluded.

The two canceled dates were part of the Pink Print singer's Nicki Wrld Tour, featuring rapper Juice Wrld.


Her statement didn't address whether the singer and rapper's tour organizers had failed to properly vet the French venues, or if they were misled prior to the shows.

A statement haphazardly translated from French to English was posted to Nicki's Instagram address the cancelation.

'The Arkea Area of Bordeaux refuses that the show will take place tonight for technical reasons.

'Despite all the efforts we have provided, we are in regret to cancel tonight's show,' it read.

The statement seemed designed to assuage concerns from fans that Nicki might not have even been at the venue and had canceled for other reasons.

'Nicki Minaj & juice wrld were at the room waiting to be able to give the concert,' the statement said.

Nicki also took to Twitter herself to address the missed show.

'Why would an artist cancel a show & lose money? What for? When they’re already in the building, dressed, etc. The artist is just as mad as the fans when a show can’t go on. I love seeing my fans. Nothing can stop me. B4 the show, juice WRLD & I are just as excited as u guys are,' she said.

Following the cancelled performance, Nicki posted a video to Instagram of Kenneth, 40 playing a carnival game.

The couple go way back, having first dated when the rapper was only 16 and living in Queens, New York City.

Kenneth's checkered past in the intervening years has been a subject of controversy among Nicki's fans.

He was convicted in 1995 of attempted rape against a 16-year-old girl, which resulted in a sentence of 18–54 months, though it's not clear how much time he actually served.

He was required to register on the sex offender list following the conviction.

Nicki's current beau also served seven years of a 10 year prison sentence for first-degree manslaughter for his involvement in the death of Lamont Robinson in 2002.

She's been defiant on social media, though she's rarely addressed his actual crimes.

'No one on social media has ever sinned. They are all perfect,' she tweeted in December. 'They p*** champagne & walk on streets of gold.


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